Grande Riviere Turtle Watching Experience

Grande Riviere Turtle Watching Experience
Date & Time
July 28, 2024
02:00 PM
July 28, 2024
11:00 PM
Grand Riviere
Palance868 Adventures Club
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About This Experience

We head to Grande Riviere for the most amazing Turtle Watching experience you will ever have!!! This is the ideal location to see a large abundance of nesting turtles in one location on one night. 

To book, contact us on WhatsApp at 7479655. 

The world’s largest turtles, leatherbacks can grow to to around 2m long and weigh up to a massive 900kg – that’s heavier than 11 men! They have four broad flippers, a triangular head and a barrel-shaped body covered by a large, black, speckled shell (or carapace). But unlike other species of sea turtles, such as the loggerhead and green sea turtle, the leatherback’s shell isn’t hard. Instead, as it’s name suggests, this ocean giant has a leathery shell that’s quite soft and flexible.

Our coastline is the second largest nesting ground for leatherback turtles in the world! What a feat for such a small twin island republic. The laying of their eggs and the hatching of the young turtles is truly a majestic event to experience. 

Assembly: 2:30 pm opposite the Northern Entrance of the Mt. Hope Hospital. 

Cost: TT $300 adults, $275 kids between 2 -12 years.

(inclusive of maxi transportation from Mt. Hope to Grande Riviere and back, forestry permits, tour guiding fees)

What to bring:

1) Insect Repellent 

2) Water

3) Snacks 

4) Umbrellas

5) Camera

6) Red Torch light / headlight 

7) Extra Cash to purchase souvenirs, crafts etc.

How to dress:

Comfortable casual wear, jeans, sneakers, t-shirt and a sweater 

Suitable for the entire family.