Sapphire Falls & Marianne Gorges

Sapphire Falls & Marianne Gorges
Date & Time
July 21, 2024
07:00 AM
July 21, 2024
03:00 PM
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About This Experience

 Sapphire Falls & Marianne Gorges

Join the Hikers United crew as we head to Sapphire Falls & Marianne Gorges🌿💦❤️ This is a lovely hike and perfect for first time hikers and families.

We first head to the waterfall, which is s short 15 minute hike upstream. The waterfall contains a small pool ideal for bathing.

After, we head in the opposite direction to the gorge which is another short upstream hike lasting 20 minutes in ankle-height water. The gorge is simply gorgeous – pun intended – and contains a large pool ideal for bathing.

Cost of Hike : $100 (with light refreshments) 💰

Parking: $25 🚗

Transport : AVAILABLE (limited spots at an additional cost of $80) 🚕

Difficulty Level : 1 / 10 🍃

Meeting Point : Uncle Sam’s, Maracas Bay *we will then drive in our own cars to the start of the trail. The meeting point is not the start of the hike.☺️

Meeting Time : 7:00 am 🕑

 Message or call 799 0688 _ 716 9109 if you have any questions or will like to register.