Sip & Paint

Sip & Paint
Date & Time
July 27, 2024
04:00 PM
July 27, 2024
07:00 PM
Caroni Bird Sanctuary
Palance868 Adventures Club
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About This Experience

🌿🦜 Sip & Paint in Caroni Bird Sanctuar! 🦜🌿

The Caroni Bird Sanctuary is a breathtaking paradise for nature enthusiasts and bird watchers alike. This pristine wetland reserve, home to the vibrant Scarlet Ibis—Trinidad’s national bird—offers a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Cruise through the tranquil mangrove channels and witness the mesmerizing sight of thousands of Scarlet Ibises returning to roost, painting the sky a brilliant shade of red. The sanctuary’s rich biodiversity also includes a variety of herons, egrets, and other exotic wildlife, making every visit a unique and unforgettable experience. Added to this already phenomenonal experience is a sip n paint experience where we sip on local wines from the misty village of Paramin. Also included is a yummy personalized dirt oven pizza because loving local is what we do! 😌❤️🌴✨

To book, WhatsApp us at (868) 747-9655