Turure Watersteps!

Turure Watersteps!
Date & Time
June 2, 2024
08:30 AM
June 2, 2024
03:00 PM
Energy Zone Fitness
Energy Zone Fitness
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About This Experience

Adventure to Turure Watersteps and lets get our scenic water therapy on!
Refreshed and ready to enjoy every minute.

Let’s get our vitamin “N” ON!!!


Level Of Difficulty: Easy Duration of hike: 30 mins to first pool.Many pools thereafter!
Meeting point 830am Trincity Mall Carpark Tru Valu Side
Adults $80
kids $40

Registration : 350-5868
Water Steps? Yes, Water Steps! Literally walk up the steps of this (words can’t explain) falls. The rocks are limestone, so walking is safe and easy!!


The pleasure of this hike is certainly turning the corner and coming face to face with the waterfall cascading and draping the limestone rocks.


Take memorable photographs. Listen to the water and be mesmerized with this spectacular water steps.
An undulating terrain takes you across three streams. Take delight in having massage therapy from one of the falls.

Trek further and look at the water flowing over the face of the rocks. The fourth and final Water-step is the most attractive of all. The width of the rock is about 50-60 feet by 25 feet in height.
The natural rock formations are simply dumbfounding!


The river with its Jacuzzi-like pools and picturesque waterfalls is a nature lover delight. The rocks along its path magnificently carved into natural water-steps that lead upstream to the falls. Along its course, there are several captivating waterfalls and the centre of attraction is the wide vertical falls which resemble a curtain. At both, the base and top there are pools to splash and the best time to visit is during the rainy season when it appears more superb. The falls provides a safe and fun opportunity to rock climb.

The exploration starts from the Turure Bridge on the Cumaca Road in Valencia and will take thirty minutes to reach the limestone pavements. The trail placed parallel to the river crosses its path on several occasions. The calcium carbonate deposits make the rocks less slippery and provide easier conditions for stepping. Further, upstream there are more cascades to discover, and behind one of the overhangs there is a hidden cave. Serenity!


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Pre booking is necessary.
Message or call 350 5868 for more info.