Big Red Road Race

Big Red Road Race
Date & Time
June 23, 2024
06:00 AM
June 23, 2024
08:00 AM
San Fernando
People's National Movement
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About This Experience

The Big Red Road Race is an exhilarating and community-focused running event that embodies the theme “Together as One” for the PNM Sports Day 2024. This race, which takes place in the heart of the city of San Fernando, celebrates unity, camaraderie, and the collective spirit of participants from all walks of life.

The Big Red Road Race welcomes runners of all ages and abilities, fostering an inclusive environment where everyone can join the fun, whether they are seasoned athletes or first-time racers. The race course is lined with enthusiastic supporters, live music, and vibrant decorations, creating an electrifying atmosphere that motivates participants to push their limits and enjoy every moment.

Emphasizing the “Together as One” theme, the event encourages participants to form teams, representing families, friends, organizations, and local communities. Special team challenges and awards are designed to promote teamwork and collective achievement. After crossing the finish line, participants and spectators can enjoy a festive post-race celebration with food, entertainment, and activities for all ages, further enhancing the sense of community and togetherness.

The Big Red Road Race, with its theme “Together as One,” not only promotes physical fitness but also strengthens social bonds, highlights the importance of unity, and underscores the power of collective effort. Join us for an unforgettable experience where every step forward is a stride towards a more connected and supportive community.

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